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Brain Food: What to Eat when Revising

It’s the TIME of Year when all that matters are grades, grades and more grades.

“A common mistake many students make during this crucial period is to eat poorly and unhealthy. Junk food, lots of chocolate, energy drinks and chips. These are not only harmful but can also negatively affect your exam performance.”

Here are some Brain Food/Drinks

    1. Eggs:: They are the most versatile foods on earth. Fried, boiled, sunny side up, eggs are healthy and good brain food
    2. Vegetables and Fruits:They provide much needed minerals, vitamins and liquids. They are low in calories and they contain fructose which your body can convert into energy
    3. Peanut Butter:It contains healthy fats and lots of protein.
    4. Coffee:Avoid energy drinks and go for a cup of coffee instead- even the smell will make you feel more awake!Do Not Overdose

Healthy bodies do lead to healthy minds. And having a healthy mind will help you ace that crucial exam