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How to eat mindfully

Action is the foundational key to all success.
— Pablo Picasso, visual artist

My top tips on how to eat mindfully

  1. Water to be consumed in unlimited quantity
  2. Toned milk to be used
  3. Plenty of colourful fruits and vegetables
  4. Fibre rich food. Start your meals with a glass of water and then salad
  5. No junk food,and processed non veg
  6. Less Have Stevia if required
  7. Not more than 3 cups of green tea.
  8. Use a smaller plate for your meals
  9. Not more than 2 tsp of oil in a day
  10. Try to have last meal by 8pm or 2 hrs before you sleep
  11. Empty stomach have a piece of garlic
  12. ​Limit your salt. Try Having Sendha namak
  13. ​Use sunflower oil or olive oil or Canola oil.  Every time the packet gets over buy a different brand.
  14. ​Avoid rice, white breads all junk
  15. Chew moti sauf and ajwain post meals
  16. No ready to eat foods – seekhs, sausages , ham , frozen stuff, marinated stuff, tetra packs

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