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Lost 12.4 kg
Occupation:Chartered Accountant
Starting Weight:86.7
Current Weight:74.3
Fitfast works. I have been on other diets and to see nutritionists and dietitians for over 7 years, all that I ever lost was maybe 2-3kgs that always came back and then some. Fitfast helped me feel like a new person. I thought I would try the program for the first 8 weeks but, like other programs at first I didn’t hold much hope at the beginning which soon turned to elation because after only 3 weeks I had already lost over 3kgs. I haven’t felt this good about myself for a long time. On my first day I was at 86.7kg. and now I am now a very active 74.3 and feeling great. Thanks to Fitfast for the support and for helping me to achieve a much happier and healthier life.