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Lost 27 kg
Starting Weight:92
Current Weight:65
Since the birth of my daughter I have been on an upward weight gain spiral. I have tried numerous diets such as liquid diets, fasting, egg diet, GM diet. You name it, I tried it. As soon as I would resume my normal eating pattern, the weight would come back with double the vengeance. I weighed 92 kgsand I was uncomfortable fitting into a size XXL. I knew I had to do something quickly. A friend confided in me about a weight loss program she used that works. I was very skeptical because of the laundry list of programs I have tried in the past. I was also a bit concerned about injecting anything into my body. After thorough research, I scheduled a call. My phone calls were pleasant and I was excited to see the weight and inches leave my body. I have never encountered a program such as this that I saw such a visible change so quickly. Although I am not wearing my teenage size , I am extremely happy with the results I obtained from Fitfast. I am no longer on the program, however with exercise and proper eating pattern, I am on my way to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Fitfast helped me to achieve a smaller frame as well as taught me better eating habits, which I now use regularly.<br />