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Lost 18 kg
Starting Weight:97
Current Weight:79
Shefali was truly a God send for me. She helped me re-define the relationship I had with food and disordered thinking concerning eating. She freed me from all the diet restrictions that I had held myself to for years, and for the first time in a very long time, I am able to eat regular foods and not feel the guilt that I was always plagued with. Shefali is extremely knowledgeable and understanding in her practice and has helped me learn how to stay patient and mindful in my daily life- extending even further beyond meals and food in general- to work, life and relationships. She has helped me mature and grow into myself- making me more confident and steady, ready to take on life without always keeping weight and dieting involved in my thoughts. Meeting with her for the intensive 6 months program has changed my life, and I would be confident to say that it would help anyone who feels discouraged and lost with all the conflicting dieting messages out there. Shefali is incredible and will work with out in whatever place that you're in. Go see her and start living!