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Lost 17 kg
Occupation:Self Employed
Starting Weight:86
Current Weight:69
I will admit at first I was a little nervous about getting in touch with Fitfast, as I was thinking it was a weight loss program designed for women. Talking with Shefali helped ease my nerves about the program. I knew I needed to do something different because exercising by itself was just not taking the weight off. After being on the program for approx. 20 weeks, I realize the changes I’m making today are long term gains. She helped me change my mindset on how I view food and what I put into my body. I’m more cautious of the types of food I eat and I’m actually enjoying eating healthier. I feel better both physically and mentally about myself. Fitfast is not just a weight loss program for women, but for anyone who wants to make a lifestyle change. It’s not easy, but change never is. You’ll be glad you did because it will stay with you for the rest of your life.