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Lost 10 kg
Occupation:Student of Culinary Arts
Starting Weight:95
Current Weight:85
Shefali is just what I was looking for in a nutritionist......I needed an approach that would teach me how to eat, not to diet. Shefali has provided just that and I am now eating intuitively. She has taught me that there are no forbidden foods, how to uncover all the hidden rules I've had about eating and exercise and how to eat and exercise freely. Shefali has been very patient with my ups and downs, ready to offer encouragement and a new way to think about food and the control it has had over me for years. She has left no stone unturned and continues to provide meaningful and realistic goals each week. If you are looking for a radical but very practical view of food and diets and what is actually healthy, Shefali is the only person I would ever suggest.